Software and 3D scanners

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Designing with 3D scans
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Modeling with freedom
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Professional tool to create models for 3D printing
3D Systems software is an integrated virtual environment for designers to create valid and complex 3d models. Depending on the intended final purpose of the models, the software is provided with advanced control and post-processing functions as well as modeling basing on 3d scans.

3D scanners
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Fast manual and stationary scanning
3d scanners are being used to generate a three dimensional model easily and fast. This solution is a replacement for the basic process of 3d designing. 3d scanning allows you to receive a copy and replicas of existing objects, but also, thanks to the knowledge of complementary software for 3d scans processing, it lets you improve or modify designed models.

Haptic devices
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Professional haptic devices equipped with force feedback
The force feedback enable users to fully interact with the virtual reality. It is designed to receive stimuli, freely manipulate an object and to feel the model during its creation. The haptic devices are being used in 3d modeling, researches, medical simulations, workshops and other activities done within the virtual environment.

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