Every production process, in any industry, consists of designing stage. The shorter it is, the greater chance for faster product’s introduction to the market and as a result – the competitive advantage. 3d printing is there to produce prototypes for the presentations and decision making process. 3d printed models can be used not only for visualization and testing, but more often they become functional products. Properly tested prototypes are a warranty of an accurate identification of customers’ needs and expectations and strong position on the market.

Prototypes are 3d printed to shorten designing stage and to present the idea of the product. They reflect precisely the technical project and thanks to an application of full color they are a great form of visualization. Prototyping facilitates communication within one project group members, as well as between the designer and his customer.

3d prototype often reveals or highlights mistakes and errors of a project. Thanks to the model you can reacts fast and prevent undesired production costs. It is much cheaper to fix the prototype in the early testing stage than to interfere in a product already existing in the market.

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