Colorjet Printing (CJP)
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Multicolor 3d models printed fast and professional
ProJet CJP 3d printers series are  designed to work in various environments, mainly schools, medical institutions and architectural bureaus. Applying color to the three dimensional model is an ideal way to share an idea and concept, which makes the communication between the creator and the customer much easier. Thanks to the simplicity of ProJet x60 3d printers to the user, you can focus more on designing your new projects. Prices of those machines become more and more decent, thus the creativity appears to be just within your reach.

Stereolitography (SLA)
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Unrivaled accuracy, precision and toughness
Multitasking 3d printers using the SLA technology have three resolution modes. A wide range of advanced materials make these machines a perfect choice for diverse industrial companies. The original technology is a warranty of accuracy and economy of the process. The systems cross barriers posed by CNC machines and injection molding.

Multijet Printing (MJP photopolymer 3d printers)
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Crispy details, high throughput and functional prototypes
With 3D Systems 3d printers you gain overall control over the process of product development and its postprocessing. Print immediately parts ready to use. MultiJet 3d printers produce tough plastic parts that can be used for geometry or functionality testing without leaving the office. Those machines fit perfectly everywhere where is a need for precise 3d prints.

Multijet Printing (MJP Wax 3d printers)
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Accurate casting models, high capacity and economic use
Wax 3d printers from 3D Systems give you a choice of four resolution modes applicable for mass production. The models are produced with RealWax materials of parameters standard to the wax used in traditional casting. Processes of those machines give unrival surface smoothness and details accuracy. They allow running mass and personalized production of small parts, electrical components, collectibles or jewellery for the following precise casting.

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