Stereolitography (SLA)
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The biggest dimensions of the models, the fastest and most precise process
The original SLA additionally equipped with the newest PolyRay technology allow for even 10 times faster production than any highest class 3d printer on the market. The freedom of choice between many advanced materials make these machines fit many different industries. The most advance SLA system assures the accuracy and economics of the process, the minimum of waste and high level of material recycling. The ability to produce parts of unlimited geometries mean that the 3d printers from 3D Systems are beyond the boundaries posed by the CNC machines and injection molding.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
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High quality and functionality of the models, the most economic production
The breakthrough 3d printers delivered by 3D Systems working in SLS technology allow many industrial enterprises to optimize their processes and costs. The printers’ capacity and chamber dimensions make it possible to produce many different parts during one process. Thanks to the wide variety of available materials of different properties, the SLS 3d printers from 3D Systems meet the specific expectations of the client. The smoothest surface finish of this technology, edges’ roughness, high resolution, the highest material recycling level and the hygienic working environment are the arguments to admit that the choice between the SLS system from 3D Systems and the competitive solutions become simple and obvious.

Direct Metal Printing (DMP)
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Direct 3d printing of functional metal parts
Patented direct metal 3d printing is an ideal solution for the most demanding industries such as aviation, aerospace, defense and medicine. The series of Direct Metal use metal powders with granulation particles of even 5 microns, thus it allows producing highly precise metal parts of the most complex geometries. This solution is widely used in production of conformal cooling, engines or personalized implants. Having DMP system in your production hall is a warranty of competitive advantage and uniqueness of your processes.

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