Freeform Plus

Geomagic Freeform Plus is a multifunctional virtual modeling software and a CAD system to create ready to produce high quality objects that consist of many complex, organic, advanced shapes, such as toys, medical implants, jewelry and other items of everyday use. Comparing Freeform Plus with Freeform, the software is provided with additional modules for creating casting and injection moulds.

The Plus version is equipped with a function to generate parting line so that it was possible to cut out the produced detail out of the mould. Thanks to this, the user can eliminate very costly mistakes often taken at the production planning stage. Except of modeling details based on voxels, polygons and SubD surfaces only, they can be also represented by NURBS solid bodies and surfaces. Freeform allows for a free transition from one data to another during modeling process of the same object. The software enables to operate devices such as Phantom as well as the haptic devices Geomagic Touch and Touch X.