Accura AMX Rigid Black


Production-grade stereolithography resin featuring long-term environmental stability for large-scale plastic parts with demanding mechanical performance requirements and exceptional surface finish

Production-grade industrial resin with long-term environmental stability for large scale plastic parts

Accura AMX Rigid Black is a game-changing resin that combines long-term environmental stability and high performing mechanical properties with the proven advantages of stereolithography, including superior surface finish, accuracy, and repeatability.

Engineered for plastic parts requiring a good balance of heat deflection temperature, flexural modulus and elongation at break, this production-grade resin delivers similar stress-strain toughness to standard thermoplastics, making it ideal for parts that require long-term durability and strength in indoor and outdoor conditions.

Printed parts exhibit comparable surface quality to injection-molded plastics while the high isotropic mechanical properties enable superior part performance repeatability.

Accura AMX Rigid Black is ideal for cost-efficiently delivering structural load-bearing custom end-use components, large manufacturing aids, jigs and fixtures, and for direct production to replace injection molding or soft tooling processes. With its exceptional surface finish and mechanical properties, it is well suited for manufacturing and engineering applications across a range of industries, including automotive and motorsports, and consumer goods.


  • Direct production of plastic parts such as housing, bracket, snap-fits, automotive interior and peripheral parts, and other general-use parts
  • Manufacturing aids, jigs and fixtures
  • Structural, load-bearing levers, arms, couplings, cranks
  • Large size panels, frames, housings and trim
  • Functional guides, holders and diverters for production line inspection/sorting/holding equipment
  • Direct digital production to replace injection molding or soft tooling processes


  • Strong, durable parts
  • Long-term use parts with high stability of mechanical properties that are significantly better than traditional resins
  • Thermoplastic behavior with necking at break enables high performing snaps and clips
  • Surface quality, accuracy and repeatability with stereolithography printing
  • Similar stress/strain toughness performance to standard thermoplastics


  • Long-term indoor and outdoor environmental stability of mechanical properties and color; tested out to 8 and 1.5 years (respectively) per ASTM methods
  • 64°C HDT @ 0.455MPa
  • 24% elongation at break
  • UL94 HB Flammability
  • Insulative dielectric properties
  • Biocompatible capable per ISO 10993-5
  • High gloss black color out of the printer or finished to matte black
  • Large size parts (650 x 750 x 550 mm, 25.6 x 29.5 x 21.65 in) on the ProX 800 3D printer

Material Properties

The full suite of mechanical properties is given per ASTM and ISO standards where applicable. Properties like flammability, dielectric properties, and 24-hour water absorption are also provided for better understanding of material capabilities to help design decisions using the material. All parts are conditioned per ASTM recommended standards for a minimum of 40 hrs at 23°C, 50% RH. Solid material properties reported were printed along the vertical axis (ZX-orientation). As detailed in the Isotropic Properties section, stereolithography material properties are relatively uniform across print orientations. Parts do not need to be oriented in a particular direction to exhibit these properties

Isotropic properties

Stereolithography technology prints parts that are generally isotropic in mechanical properties meaning the parts printed along either the XYZ axis will give similar results. Parts do not need to be oriented to get the highest mechanical properties, further improving the degree of freedom for part orientation for mechanical properties.

Long Term Environmental Stability

Accura AMX Rigid Black is engineered to give long term environmental UV and humidity stability. This means the material is tested for the ability to retain a high percent of the initial mechanical properties over a given period of time. This provides real design conditions to consider for the application or part. Actual data value is on Y-axis, and data points are % of initial value.

Indoor Stability

Tested per ASTM D4329 standard method.

Outdoor Stability

Tested per ASTM G194 standard method.