3D Printing Service


3d printing technology reaches customers of different profiles and industries, from an individual to engineers of production enterprises. In order to meet the most demanding customers we not only 3d print ready to print files, but also we help to design and turn ideas into physical objects by using CAD software, knowledge and long-term experience, we create technical documentations and projects visualizations. We chose 3d printing technology out of the available SLA, SLS, MJP, FDM or DMP basing on the target purpose and use of the item/ part/ prototype/ ready product. Depending on quality level expectations we apply additional post-processing methods.

Concept – designing is mostly creating new personalized products or improving those already existing. It is also a creation from the “scratch”, thus from sketching the ideas on a piece of paper. We offer help with creation of original, unique products using our specialists’ experience and know-how. As like any other production method, additive manufacturing requires knowledge about certain technology. Very often this knowledge is already very valuable in the concept building stage, because it allows for shortening the whole production process.

3d project – working on 3d project is making an object in CAD software basing on technical drawing and given guidelines. The file can be prepared by the customer and sent to direct 3d printing. It often happens that 3d printer’s software indentifies mistakes in the model resulting from the incorrect model preparation. In such case the model must be either made from the beginning or the errors should be fixed. We are here for you in for designing in CAD or to manage your file. Ready to print projects should be sent via contact form. An additional order from the client might also be the model’s 3d or 3d visualization.

3d printing – we 3d print in advanced technologies from materials of different properties and parameters. Depending on the models application – a prototype, mock-up, master model for RTV molding, functional part or other, we adjust the right solution with will satisfy the customer.

Post-processing – considering models which function is to imitate the final product or to encourage customers by its appearance, they might need post-processing. Depending on customer’s expectations towards the surface quality, texture or cover, we offer range of post treatment solutions such as painting, artistic painting with aerograph, water transfer, pad printing, galvanization and vacuum metallization. 3d print may also have a function of a master model ready to cast or use in vacuum casting process. The VC process allows for making a serie of one model made basing on one 3d print.

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